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DupeCare Overview

DupeCare is a free and simple data deduplication and compression software for Windows.

The product allows you to create folders where redundant data is automatically deduplicated on the fly. All processes are completely transparent to the user. The entire user experience is exactly the same as with regular folders and files. Dedupe and сompression can be performed both automatically and manually.

The decompression and file extraction occurs in real time and never takes up an extra minute of your working time. The program decompresses data several times faster than popular archivers and it offers you an exceptional compression rate for partially repetitive data.

DupeCare works at the file system level and provides you with reliable and easy to use single-instance storage (SIS) solution for individual folders. If you're looking for a reliable capacity optimization, redundancy elimination and storage deduplication tool, consider DupeCare and you'll likely find it suitable for your needs.

The utility is extremely easy to use and does not require any specific skills or administrative privileges to operate it. Even unexperienced and non-privileged users can create their private deduplicated folders in just seconds.

DupeCare is free and easy, just set it up once and forget about duplicates. Download it now!

How it works

DupeCare periodically scans the deduplicated folders for new and updated files and folders. It then splits files into chunks (using the so-called content-defined chunking algorithm), computes chunk hashes and searches an internal database for any duplicates. It also tries to group similar data together and compress it before storing to disk. High-quality and accurate selection of algorithms, as well as their high-performance implementation allows this process to be very fast and precise: for example, it can successfully deduplicate a copy of a large file into which a few bytes were inserted in the middle.

When operating system or application reads deduplicated file data, file contents is decompressed and restored on the fly.

Key Features

Automatic data deduplication and compression for your applications.

  1. Real-Time decompression performance
  2. Automatic data deduplication
  3. Unmatched compression ratio for partially duplicated data
  4. Multiple times faster than popular archivers
  5. Can recover accidentally deleted files
  6. Easy to use: set it up once and forget it

Download DupeCare now!

System Requirements and Tech Specs

Free DupeCare is designed for Windows platform, it requires 64-bit Windows 10 (buid 1809 or later) or Windows 11. It supports both x86-64 CPUs and ARM64 processors.

Deduplicate Your Folders Automatically
Free DupeCare Advantages
Deduplicate Your Folders Automatically